- Celebrating the beauty of art and the art of beauty!
About Grayling is a way for me to share the gift of my artwork with the rest of the world.  I am an artist in many ways, working in various mediums, Oil paint, Acrylic paint, and of course the works of art as a Hairstylist in Lewiston, Maine. I hope you enjoy this deeper look in to my soul through the works that I create.  I offer you to feel for yourself the experience of art in my life and hope that it nurtures your world as it does mine!
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Art work is available
and can be viewed at
The Studio 
291 Lisbon street 
Lewiston, Maine 
For Hair Appt's. contact
Orbit Hairstyling
124 Ash St.
Lewiston, ME 04240
207-782-9046 Or book online 
Outright Lewiston Auburn 
Advisory Board President 
PO box 433 
Lewiston ME 04240
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