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Working with Oil paint was something I fell in love with in highschool.  I had an amazing art teacher (Adam Gray)  who's inspiration, patience, and amazing dedication shines through my work still today. I now am one of the owners of The Studio an art studio space located at 291 Lisbon Street Lewiston, Maine.  I live in a world where I am fortunate enough to be inspired by other artists in my community, as well as the events of my everyday life!  I feel as though my work as a stylist in a busy salon transends through my artwork.  I like to say that I paint feelings.  I hope that you are moved by my work as it moves me! Most of these works can be purchased.  If you are interested in any certain piece email me for pricing info.
Eye of the dragonNight sky Moving On
Pollenbruised skyReflections ofBlood is thicker than water
Web of all lifeCertainly UncertainJester in the darkWater through it all
BubbliciousExplosionFire on the waterFrom inside the aquarium
In the shadowsIts not what you thinkPollen
UnsuretyRaging lilliesSpirit in the darkThe uprising of spring
Twisted RootsSelf PortraitUntitled For the Love of Bacon
withering rosefertility 1fertility 2Curvatious Overature
Its raining men : oil on canvasMamaRaging seas
Vagina monologue set for uu church performanceWeb of all lifeStressInspiration
"Glacier""Window Box""Quest"Dots
"Vertigo"Be Where?"Tree of life""Day dream"
UntitledNature at DawnSelf PortraitUntitled
These HandsCollaborative Graffiti Art at Kimball Street StudiosFrom With in Flowers
WhyBelly CastDestructionCollaborative Graffiti work
Stepping FowardUntitledUntitledLeft Behind
Untitled UntitledUntitled Collaborative Graffiti work
Untitled Look AwayWe are all trapped in our own little bubblesLost
UntitledUntitled Untitled Self Portrait
UntitledEmberUntitledBody Positivity
Untitled Untitled Untitled
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